With over 100 different produce categories, LA Vegetable is able to provide strong supply and abundant variety. Our experienced team handles buying, importing, brokering and distribution.

Providing Freshness & Quality

We source our products from multiple growers in the U.S., Mexico, Canada and Central America. By having long-term partnerships with our growers, we’re able to provide excellent quality and fair prices. 

Products Overview

We offer an extensive array of fresh vegetables and herbs — over 100 different commodities. All of our grower partners are certified in the highest farming and food safety standards. Browse our product section to learn more.

Timely & Responsive Service

As all of us in the produce business know, we’re part of a dynamic, fluid industry. It’s never stagnant. Weather, labor, shipping – they all play an important factor. Our team monitors activities across the supply chain to provide you with timely updates. We’re here to keep things running smoothly with your orders and deliveries.

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