For Us, Everything.

Fresh: From the moment we harvest our expertly grown fruits and vegetables, we move quickly to get them from our farms to your store, capturing peak freshness and flavor.  

Quality: Committed to responsible farming practices and the highest safety standards, quality is our middle name. 

Produce: By offering an abundant array of produce items, we deliver variety and freshness our customers can count on year-round.

A Partner You Can Trust

Working in tandem with our three sister companies, Fresh Quality Produce supports the entire supply chain. What started out as a modest family business has flourished over our fourteen-year history. We now operate a fully integrated business from farming and packaging to importing and selling. 

The backbone is our farming operations; the heart is our packaging and distribution network; and the soul is our experienced sales team. Together, we meet the needs of a diverse range of retailers, restaurants and wholesalers. We’re a nimble, reliable partner with the right produce items, packaging capabilities and price structure to meet your needs.


Food safety is our top priority. We are Primus GFS certified and follow responsible growing practices. We have also earned SENASICA certification, which ensures our production practices comply with all risk management guidelines. We follow a strict code of ethics and provide a safe work environment for all employees.

Customer-Focused Mindset

Whether you’re a national retail chain or a neighborhood bodega, our experienced team of produce professionals understands how to meet your needs. We have a vertically integrated operation that lets us provide turnkey solutions for produce customers of all sizes across the U.S. and Canada.

Connect with Us

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Email: sales@freshqp.com

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